Radiohead Re_Vision: The complete Radiohead discography, biography and artbook series

Abreu | 2013.03.19 23:03 | 조회 9949 | 공감 1

Hi. Sorry for not speaking korean, but please bear with me...


Do you dig Radiohead? Thought so.

Me and my study group at Anhembi Morumbi’s Graphic Design course are developing a collection of 5 books entirely dedicated to the discography and biography of your (potentially) favorite British band. The Radiohead Re_Vision project is part 4 artbooks aimed to communicate the ambience of the band’s discography through illustration, photography and collage. In other words, books to see while you listen (the albums are included!). And is part the most complete biography of the band revamped with new graphic and photographic treatment. The idea is explained in more detail in the following infografic.

So? What do you have to do with all this?


Well, we would appreciate if you participated in a questionnaire about you and your preferences. It’s almost entirely in multiple choice, many of its questions are facultative (and no financial question is mandatory), and should take about 5 to 10 min. to complete depending exclusively of your benevolence (and maybe connection speed). As a token of our gratitude we are willing to send you an interactive digital edition of the artbooks, complete with all illustrations and the associated discography by its completion in 30 of June.


And what if you’re not in the mood?

You sign up, we send you the artbook nonetheless. The deal here is as opensource as the band that it was inspired by.


Where do I sign in?



Thank you for your attention.

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